winter time!

last week we focused on the four different seasons, with an emphasis on winter. we read what happens in winter? by sara latta and talked about how winter affects us. we also read first snow in the woods and talked about what animals do in the winter and about hibernation. afterwards we made a cave and pretended to hibernate.

i turned out the lights and once the lights came back on they knew that it was warmer and therefore time to come out of hibernation! we also made it into a rhyming game- if i said two words that rhymed they could come out of hibernation, if not they had to stay in their cave. as you can imagine, this was a very popular game!

once they were out of the cave they used their sense of smell to find food (aka teddy grahams).

we read in the snow: who's been here? and played a game where the kids had to match the animal track to the animal it belonged to. afterwards we went on a nature walk searching for different tracks.

we pretended to be birds migrating south in a v-formation, taking turns who was the leader...

since we didn't exactly have enough kids to make a proper v shape they opted to make a line formation instead!

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