st. patrick's day experiment.

we attempted to make borax-crystaled shamrocks and learned that if you mix too much borax with hot water you will create a gelatin goo rather than crystals. we will try again.

st. patrick's day pandemonium.

seamus the friendly leprechaun stopped by and made a mess of our classroom! he put chairs on tables, toilet paper everywhere- he even turned our whipped cream green! he also left us a scavenger hunt that lead to a delicious surprise!

verb charades.

we played several rounds of verb charades. the kids were very cautious when picking their verb, everyone insisted in using the bathroom for privacy! 

prospect park zoo.

popover time.

we used this awesome recipe book to make popovers! they looked a bit funky but they were delicious!

prospect park.

before heading to prospect park we revisited past photos of our special trees and predicted what they would look like these days.

once we found our trees we made some observational drawings of them.


we found a hidden spot to do a quick performance of sleeping beauty...

drama time.

our all time favorite story to perform is rumpelstiltskin- but not the traditional version, our version. in our version there is no rumpelstiltskin, but rather three silent ninjas... 

julian always warms up the crowd before the play begins...

...and afterwards, he introduces each actor before prompting them to take a bow!