a great video with sir ken robinson who talks about developing children's natural powers of creativity and imagination. makes me proud (and thankful!) to be doing what i'm doing...

the gang goes to the farmers market!

our guide (who's name i forgot) was great with the kids!
sonny was very curious about cows and how they are milked...
fiona kissed her lucky penny... 
...and threw it into the fountain!
we got to talk to farmer fred and ask him questions. he did not milk any cows. (farmer fred wasn't the most interesting guy)
we got to listen to a high school band too!
and had a mini dance party!

pollock painting

we had a lot of fun making our jackson pollock mural. i covered the kids up in our super cool aprons (aka garbage bags) and let them go to town! 
marlowe wasn't into getting covered in paint (fortunate for me)...
...while others were!
i LOVE this photo of mia getting caught with her hand in the paint jar- she thought she was busted!
upon discovering she was NOT in trouble...
she took it to the next level!
we experimented with the cosmic rocket i brought to school- it took a few clumsy tries to figure out how to properly mix the baking soda and vinegar so it would launch but we got it!