phases of the moon...

sonny and beckett working on their moon charts- everyday the kids find their chart and document the day's current phase. 

truffle making with raquel!

raquel set up an awesome truffle making station!

julian helped read some facts about chocolate as well!

the kids tried cocoa nibs- which no one liked too much!

even though it was tempting, the kids were great at not licking their hands!

it doesn't get much better than homemade pizza and truffles!

after lunch the kids formed the band, RAD school truffles, and rocked out!

valentine's day

we added black and white to red paint in order to see the difference between what a tint is and what a shade is. afterwards we experimented with other colors to create different hues of red...

i made grids for the kids to create monochromatic valentine prints...

we made TONS of other valentines and letters to each other.

julian was in charge at the regular post office...

...while sonny and beckett were in charge at the valentine post office!


what happens when you add cold, warm and hot water to a red cabbage?

what about if you add an acid, like lemon juice? or a base, like baking soda?

we upted the ante and made triple the amount of cabbage water in order to test different acids and bases! we tested ginger ale, alka seltzer tablets, coffee, baking powder, rice vinegar, and salt.

celebrating the chinese new year...

and some red envelopes for good luck...

we also made fortune cookies- not the easiest project with four excited children, but fun nonetheless!

what's more difficult than making fortune cookies with kids? trying to take photos of the process!

and lastly, our chinese dragon dance!