our last days before the big move...

our 2011 resolutions. apart from building more houses, i think we're doing a good job so far!

a cute moment with beckett and julian.

feeling left out of the affection, mia asked beckett if he would pose for a similar photo with her- which he very quickly and happily obliged! aren't these kids the best?

after making our own counting beads we began making up different math problems. after the kids got comfortable with the process i had each child stand up in front of the class and present their own math riddle. 

if a child is having difficulty wrapping up their time in front of the class (this tends to happen during show and tell) i find it extremely helpful to tell the child that they get to choose who will go next. works every time!

our first rad video! not the best quality but very cute all the same...

what do you do with a class full of extremely energetic children on a freezing day? have them jump to their hearts content on a floor mattress! 

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