science fun.

while we were learning about the four gas giants of our solar system we chose two different methods to make a gas of our own- carbon dioxide. we first poured vinegar into a soda bottle and then baking soda into a balloon. then we stretched the mouth of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle, and finally shook the soda into the bottle. we discovered that the reaction between the soda and vinegar form a gas (carbon dioxide) which inflates the balloon. 

since the first balloon exploded all over me, the kids opted to watch with caution from the bathroom!

we tried to create a similar chemical reaction with yeast by combining it with sugar and water in a bottle, then placing a balloon over the mouth. we discovered that the reaction was much slower. the image above was taken after about a half hour.

since carbon dioxide is denser than air we compared the weight of a carbon dioxide filled balloon to one filled with air. everyone was excited to discover that the carbon dioxide balloon was indeed heavier! 

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