our first week of november...

sonny's house again! the kids loved playing with sonny's airplane, which tied in perfectly with our theme of maps and the globe. we made our own sand globes and talked about the earth's lithosphere by studying an image of the earth split in half.

we examined jars of water, soil and air and talked about the different reasons each is important to us. the kids then looked at different images of these natural elements and placed them in front of the appropriate jar. we read be a friend to trees which discusses types of trees and the different things they provide. we talked about how everything made of wood was once part of a tree, then we searched the classroom to find as many objects made of wood as we could. 

the kids paired up to make mud pies! we studied the soil by touch and smell before adding water to see how it changed the soil's texture. some liked how it smelled and felt while others thought it was too sticky and smelly.

i recently made a writing center equipped with paper, envelopes, pencils, markers and most importantly, a mailbox. we practiced writing letters to each other and the kids had a lot of fun putting their letters in the mailbox for their friend to open.

the kids have been exercising their storytelling abilities through puppet shows...

...and our felt board

they looooved pretending to be kittens! this turned into an all day theme- some were caged kittens, some were hungry kittens and some were mama kittens.

the kids practiced their cleaning skills by using the hand broom to get all the beans into the blue square and then sweeping them into the dust pan.

this week seemed to be a race against the clock! we only got through half of the projects i had planned- i underestimated how much time the kids would want to spend on each activity, which is great! although we tried to walk to the park every day, it was only until friday that we were successful- we spent so much time looking at things along our way that we always ran out of time and had to turn back!

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