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one of the themes for this month is kindness and gratitude. i introduced a new book to our class, have you filled a bucket today? a guide to daily happiness for kids. the basic concept is that everyone carries an invisible bucket in which we keep our feelings. when our buckets are full, we are happy; when they are empty, we are sad. when we are kind to others we not only fill their buckets but ours as well and when we are mean to others we dip into their buckets.

the kids were able to grasp this bucket concept and had many discussions throughout the week about whether or not they were "filling" or "dipping" into each other's bucket. this discussion can be used at home as a way of bringing awareness to the way we treat others as well as how we want to be treated.

other books we have read this week are:
making friends by fred rogers (aka mister rogers)
how to be a friend: a guide to making friends and keeping them from the creators of dinosaurs to the rescue!

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