last week at fiona's...

i gave the kids conversation hearts along with a candy heart counting sheet. i then showed them how to sort and count by lining up the candies on the boxes. next came the most difficult part- gluing the hearts onto the sheet! everyone looked a bit panicked at the thought of putting glue on the candy but as an incentive i told everyone they could have a few (un-glued) hearts once finished. 
marlowe concentrated on placing the hearts inside the boxes- i think he was the first to complete his sheet!
friday beckett came dressed as a police officer- which couldn't have been more perfect! we spent circle time discussing both valentine's day and the chinese new year. we read chinese new year: a time for parades, family and friends and talked about the different traditions and symbols during the new year celebration. we shared a tangerine to symbolize good luck and afterwards began to work on our mini chinese dragons, which i didn't get a chance to take any photos of. 
...and then there was sledding!

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